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Shifting from the Bottom Up: A Conversation amid the Coronavirus Pandemic with Jan Winhall

Jan Winhall
“We all have to pull together… we need to create safe-enough places together. None of us are going to get out of this okay unless we’re all okay.” — Jan Winhall
Derek Ryan Maynard interviews Jan Winhall for the July 2020 issue of InFocus on behalf of The International Focusing Institute. Jan discusses how she uses the lens of Polyvagal Theory and The Experiencing Scale with her Focusing community to answer the question, “where am I”? Work from her upcoming book, Addiction From the Bottom Up: a Felt Sense/Polyvagal Model to Treat Addiction, enters the conversation about stuck places, the impact of COVID-19 and why now is a time for speaking up and action. 

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