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Felt Sense Polyvagal Community (FSPC)

Hello everyone!

I’m so glad that you have found our Felt Sense Polyvagal Community! (FSPC) 

I created this space to bring together my Focusing on Borden (FOB) Community and my new Polyvagal Community. The first community at FOB began back in 2012 as a teaching and training centre for therapists and students interested in learning about Focusing and the Felt Sense. Since that time I trained in Polyvagal theory and brought it more and more into my work. Now I am a teacher in both communities and it seemed like the right time to combine them as the Felt Sense Polyvagal Community.

Here we are, in a space that welcomes both worlds of Focusing and Polyvagal theory! I hope you check out the offerings below.


Upcoming FSPC Events

EMBODIED DIALOGUE SERIES | Felt Sense Polyvagal Approach to Trauma & Addiction Group:

The Felt Sense Polyvagal Approach to Trauma & Addiction Group is a place for us to explore, through a polyvagal lens, the experiences of trauma and addiction. We are focusing on understanding addiction through the lens of the nervous system, as an adaptive response to maladaptive environments. Our group is growing in leaps and bounds indicating a hunger for change, for the kind of transformative change that polyvagal theory brings us. The group interacts  online as part of the PVI (Polyvagal Institute) Community App. Once a month the group meets live on Zoom for an hour of exploration and discussion with a guest presenter, in what we now call the Embodied Dialogue Series. 


Writing Your Recovery  is a transformative eight-week course, designed for those wishing to use the Felt Sense and Focusing to access their authentic voice. Whether you are new to memoir writing or seasoned, this live interactive course helps you use bodily wisdom to evolve as a writer.  Ann brings four decades of experience to this course, and will leverage her expertise to ensure your evolution.



This workshop is designed for anyone with a regular somatic/ body-based practice including but not limited to, therapists, coaches, bodyworkers, movement, and manual practitioners. This workshop welcomes participants of all backgrounds, and will focus on how white supremacy and colonization have played a role in shaping somatics, as well as how this harm can be addressed and repaired.


Nightmares and the Nervous System

How to Treat Disturbed Dreaming (For Clinicians) | Workshop Recording

Nightmares and disturbed dreaming are highly prevalent for those suffering from all forms of anxiety, depression, early adversity and/or trauma. Mental health professionals rarely ask about nightmares, and most do not understand that there are simple, evidence-based ways to treat nightmares that can make a real and immediate difference to our clients’ mood and sleep quality.


From Climate Stress to Strength

An Embodied Response to a Changing Environment 

People are struggling to cope with the climate crisis. Feelings of anxiety, dread, and helplessness are at an all-time high. Everywhere we look, we see people suffering. Fire season, catastrophic storms, and the loss of plant and animal species are the new normal. We can no longer escape the impacts of a world in distress. Harnessing Eugene Gendlin’s embodied Focusing Process, this 8-week course will create a gathering place for professionals to learn to hold space for the complex interplay of climate emotions in their work and simultaneously, to also show up as individuals. This course is polyvagal-informed and integrates Jan Winhall’s Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ and elements of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing approach.



In this two-hour workshop with Annette Dubreuil, you’ll learn the basic 6 Steps of Focusing. This is a group workshop delivered on zoom. There will be a Focusing demo. And you will have the opportunity to experience Focusing for a 20-minute turn, as well as a listening turn in breakout groups. We will delve into the 6 steps of Focusing, different options for listening , and get your Focusing questions answered.


FOCUSING GROUPS with Naty Calviño

Join Naty Calviño every:
– Monday for a Focusing Oriented group.
– Thursday for Unfolding fresh wings

For more info and registration, please send an email to: [email protected]

Or send a whatsapp message to:: +5491157408743

Embodied Experiential Dreamwork Certificate

For those who want a deep dive into working with dreams and nightmares in clinical practice, this year-long online course provides the instruction and experiential practice to enable clinicians to engage client dreams with confidence. Participants learn a trauma-friendly, embodied and focusing-oriented approach that deepens and enriches clinical practice by opening up a rich, creative avenue of exploration. Dreams can offer a window of information and intervention at the level of the nervous system that creates lasting shifts.



Developmental approaches to trauma healing teach us that our behaviours are often adaptations to conditions during childhood where we lacked access to adequate safety, dignity, and belonging. White supremacy culture results from our ancestors’ loss of these core needs. Centuries later, the devastating effects of this loss are now expressed and felt on the universal and collective scale that we experience today. This training for white people who want to deepen their capacity for working with other white people to unlearn and heal the embodiment of white supremacy.


Bones for Life®

Based on Feldenkrais principles, Bones for Life® lessons support physical and emotional regulation, and mental resilience. We provide practical applications to ensure Polyvagal health. The lessons guide you to a greater awareness of your position in space and develop graceful movement within your comfort and safety. Cognition is improved. Your thinking becomes more adaptive to change.


Sounder Sleep System®

Restore breathing to its natural state: light, easy, slow, and soft.
* Easy, gentle movements in the rhythm of your leisurely breath.
* Practice allowing your nervous system to rest and restore itself.
* Learn to work more productively and set the stage for the end of the day when Mini-Moves™ lull you into sleep.
* Short movement sequences tailored to your ever-changing metabolic needs to relax your body and calm your mind.


Felt Sense Polyvagal Community includes:

Polyvagal Institute is a not-for-profit dedicated to creating a new paradigm for health and wellness. We provide training, support community and facilitate research centered around a revolutionary understanding of the body and mind, as presented in the work of Stephen Porges and Polyvagal Theory.

The International Focusing Institute is an international, cross-cultural organization dedicated to supporting individuals and groups world-wide who are practicing, teaching and developing Focusing and its underlying philosophy.

International Association of Focusing-Oriented Therapists (IAFOTs) worldwide organisation of certified Focusing-Oriented Therapists, offering psychotherapy and training based upon the experiential practice of Focusing and the philosophy of implicit experience.