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Are You Ready to Write?


Do you fantasize about writing a book, or an article, that captures what you do and how you do it? Have you been thinking about writing down the ideas floating around in your head? Wouldn’t it be amazing to work with a small group of 6 writers who are committed to the process, whether it is completing an article, a book proposal, help with structural editing, or getting past a writer’s block that sends you in circles?

Dates and Time
Fridays 1 to 3 ET once a month for 6 months, next group will start in MAY 2024.

Payment plan available on request.

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Limited to 6 students only

***IMPORTANT*** Please do not purchase this course until you have had a quick introductory Zoom meeting with Jan beforehand….fill in the Zoom Intro form at the bottom of this page.

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I always knew that I loved to write, and ever since my first book came out I haven’t looked back. 

Here’s what was said about it:

“In Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model Jan Winhall introduces a new strategy to treat addiction that brilliantly integrates Gendlin’s classic concept of a felt sense with Polyvagal Theory.”
– Stephen Porges, PhD.
Creator of Polyvagal Theory

“A new, deeply humane and promising model of addiction treatment, illustrated by poignant clinical vignettes.
– Gabor Maté, MD
Author of The Myth of Normal

“Brave and revolutionary in her thinking, Jan Winhall has written a compelling book on addiction—a must-read for both clinicians and the general public alike.”
– Ann Dowsett Johnston M.S.W.
Award-winning journalist; Author of Drink, A Woman’s Intimate Journey with Alcohol

and more….

“The model comes to life in this beautifully written book.”

“Jan Winhall’s book is wise, emotionally compelling and hopeful.”

“Jan’s wise and heartfelt human presence is fully embodied throughout the book…”

“I will continue to savor this book as a theoretical resource and as a clinician’s handbook for treating Addictions.”

” The writing is elegant, comprehensive, and touching in a transformative way.”

“A compelling storyteller, Jan clearly shows the relationship between trauma and addiction and a new way to approach this work.”

Last year I co-authored an article with Steve Porges.  Next year my second book and another chapter will come out with Norton, and my third book is percolating now.

I’m on a roll. I love writing and I love helping people formulate and articulate their ideas. My writing has been described as clear and compelling. I think this is in part because I write from my own body sense of the ideas that I am exploring. By using the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model™ you will learn how your writing can deepen, becoming informed by a grounded ventral state of ‘felt sensing’.  I will teach you how to write from your felt sense. This is a term that one of my teachers, Gene Gendlin named as the interoceptive process of checking inside to see if your ideas sit well in your body, and if there is new, fresh information that comes from sitting quietly with ideas. We learn to welcome ideas that are puzzling, or just forming.

Course description

Together we will create a safe and adventurous container to delve into the areas that you are excited about. Each month we spend two hours working together.

In the first hour we engage in embodied writing practices that help you to:

 * Formulate your ideas
 * Put your ideas into a cohesive narrative
 * Convey your ideas in your own unique voice with confidence and clarity

In the second hour each of you will have a turn in the six months to share your work, and gets lots of feedback that will carry your project along, making it a reality!

As we establish Safety and an embodied connection Creativity Will Flourish…….

Students will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to joining the course.

Topics: include anything related to health and healing, creating community, climate change, social justice, addiction, education, organizational development, neurodiversity, psychotherapy……and more…

Suggested Reading

Focusing book coverFocusing by Eugene T. Gendlin 

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie GoldbergWriting Down the Bones book cover

Our Polyvagal World: How Safety and Trauma Change Us by Stephen W. Porges, Seth Porges Our Polyvagal World book cover

Jan Winhall is an incredibly skilled practitioner and mentor who knows how to help. Her embodied way of working helps you to connect to your own truth and get clarity on who you are and what you want to share with the world. Jan’s presence and process was indispensable in helping me to formulate my ideas in a clear and concise way. After a single session with her I had inspiration, energy and a plan. Jan also knows the publishing industry and her input saved me hours of spinning my wheels trying to figure things out on my own. Above all, Jan knows how to foster community. Her groups are synergistic and have brought so much joy to my process.
Jessica Zormann
Jan is a gifted and generous teacher. In her courses I've found more clarity in my writing. I’ve also developed more confidence in writing from my felt sense. Writing from my bodily-knowing or felt sense helps me shift out of "blocks" and keeps my choices aligned with my values and truth. Jan is also a natural community-builder and I always meet new and old friends in her offerings.
Jenn Wesanko

***IMPORTANT*** Please do not purchase this course until you have had a quick introductory Zoom meeting with Jan beforehand….fill in the form below.

Jan Winhall, M.S.W.  P.I.F.O.T. is an author, teacher and seasoned trauma and addiction psychotherapist. She is an Educational Partner and Course Developer with the Polyvagal Institute where she offers a training program based on her book Treating Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model, Routledge 2021. Completion of four levels leads students to become Felt Sense Polyvagal Model Facilitators. Her new book, 20 Embodied Practices for Healing Trauma and Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model, will be published by Norton to be available in March 2025. She is an Adjunct Lecturer at the University of Toronto and a Certifying Co-Ordinator with the International Focusing Institute. Jan is Co-Director of the Borden Street Clinic where she supervises graduate students. She enjoys teaching all over the world.

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Are You Ready to Write?


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