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Healing Trauma and PTSD – FREE SUMMIT


September 19-21, 2023

The event will be live streamed onย September 19-21 from 8:30am to 4pm Pacific Time.ย This event will be recorded, so even if you can’t make it you’ll still want to register.

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Thisย 3-day live eventย is called theย Healing Trauma and PTSD Super Summit:ย  Transformation Unleashed – Experts reveal proven techniques to conquer anxiety, depression, and unlock your potential.ย This free event is a video series that’s packed with tools, strategies, and free gifts from top experts in the field of Trauma and PTSD, including myself.

This resource is a must-have for anyone searching for solutions for trauma or PTSD.

There are over 45 experts featured in the Healing Trauma and PTSD Super Summit, and you don’t want to miss a thing, so register now while it’s still top of mind. Some of the topics these experts will be covering in the video interviews include:

–ย How To Reorganize The Brain To Calm The Nervous System and Overcome Trauma
– Breaking the Chains: Transforming Life After Trauma and PTSD- Revolutionizing Trauma and Addiction Treatment with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model
–ย How an Unhealed Betrayal Impacts Your Health, Work and Relationships
– Overcoming Trauma Grief
–ย How To Release Trauma and Access The Expanded Self
–ย Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Complex Trauma
–ย High Sensitivity and Trauma – An Inextricable Link
– Addiction: A Normal Response To Trauma
– and many more…

Get the information you need about Trauma and PTSD in short 30-minute videos. Real conversations with real experts.

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